November 3, 2008

Drilling 2 (Step pengeboran)


Drilling Operations

Summary of Work Program :
1.Move in and rig up drilling rig.
2.Mixing new mud
3.Kill well.
4.Pull out and recover downhole completion equipment.
5.Plug back cementing.
6.Make up BHA and Whipstock.
7.Run to bottom.
8.Open Window.
9.Pull out to change BHA.
10.Make up BHA MWD.
11.Run to bottom.
12.Directional drill 8-1/2" hole from 1330 m to 2150 m.
13.Circulate hole clean prior to pull out of hole.
14.Run logging.
15.Wiper trip.
16.Run 7" casing.
17.Cement 7” casing.
18.Wait on cement.
19.Directional drill 6-1/8” hole from 2150 m to 2320 m.
20.Circulate hole clean prior to pull out of hole.
21.Run logging
22.Wiper trip.
23.Run 4-1/2” liner.
24.Cement 4-1/2” liner
25.Wait on cement.
26.Perform casing scrapper run and circulate clean wellbore
27.Perforate “A” zone interval 2198.5-2202 m.
28.Rig down and move out drilling rig.
29.Put well on stream and test.

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