November 7, 2008

Drilling 4 (continue..)

Substructure is construction of steel framework as platform attached above drill hole directly. Substructure gives workroom for workers and equipments below/above floor drill.
Height of substructure is determined by type of rig and blow-out preventer stack. Substructure able to detain very big burden, that generated by derrick or mast, hoisting equipments, rotary table, drill string ( drill pipe, drill collar etc.) and burden of casing.

Rig Floor :

Rig floor is placed above substructure functioning for :
(1). Accommodating small drilling equipments,
(2). Place to stand up the tower,
(3). Sitting of drawwork,
(4). Workplace for Driller and rotary helper ( roughneck)
This component is important in well depth calculation because point of zero drilling depth is started from rig floor.

The drilling equipments which be at rig floor consisted of :
Rotary Table
Rotary Drive
Draw work
Drillers Console
Make-up and Break-out tongs
Mouse Hole
Rat Hole
Dog House
Pipe Ramp (V-ramp)
Cat Walk
Hydraulic cathead

Cat Walk
A walkway between pipe racks at base of pipe ramp, next to rig where pipe is laid out prior to placement against pipe ramp

Driller Console
The driller’s console is instrument center of rotary drilling rig.
Its located on the rig floor usually near draw works. The console is the heart of the rig instrumentation system.
The console provides the drillers with comprehensive view of what is happening in each of the major subsystem.
The console’s gauge usually provide information on :

(1) mud Pump,
(2) pump pressure,
(3) Rotary torque,
(4) Rotary speed,
(5) Tong torque,
(6) suspended weight (weight indicator).

Mud pump stroke indicator measures circulation rate by recording the number of stroke or cycles being produced by the mud pump each minute
Mud pump pressure measures pressure on pipe. Point of measurement originated on mud pump discharge manifold and stand pipe, also referred to as the “pump pressure” or “standpipe pressure”.
Rotary Tachometer estimates relative rotary speed . Point of measurement originates on the drawwork or rotary drive. Also referred to as “ bit RPM” or “rotary RPM”
Rotary Torque Indicator measures relative torque being applied by rotary table. Point of measurement originates under the rotary drive chain electronically.
Tong Torque Indicator measures relative line pull being applied by cathead. Point of measurement originates from either tong or tong line.
Weight Indicator measures weight of the drill stem suspended and weight being applied to the bit. Point of measurement originates at the dead line anchor.

The Derrick :

The main function of the derrick is the part of hoisting system in providing vertical space for “tripping in” and “tripping out” of drill string and casing into/from the drill hole during drilling operation.
Working principle of Derrick is to detain generated burden when “tripping in” and “tripping out” of drill pipe and casing in drilling operation, other burden arising out from drill pipe leaned to the derrick and puff of the wind as horizontal burden.

The Mast :

Mast have the same function with the Derrick, The difference is at process , where the mast can be rigged up as one full of unit, but the mast is installed part by part.
Mast is rigged up above rig floor and close over rig floor partly, owning same job mechanism with Derrick. Mast is used for shallow drilling operation

Dog house

Dog house ini adalah sebuah kontainer sebagai ruangan di atas rig flor, juga bisa dipakai tempat berlindung.


Tongs ini berfungsi untuk meng-eratkan sambungan ulir antara pipa pengeboran


Fungtion of drawwork :

Transmitting energy from prime mover ( power system ) to drill string during drilling operation.
Transmitting energy from prime mover to rotary drive.
Transmitting energy from prime mover to catheads to joint or free parts of drill string.

Crown Block :

Representing corps of wheel which used as place of circumference drilling line in drilling operation, below crown block is travelling block.
Crown Block is installed above or top of the mast which it can be the form of pulleys, connected to travelling block by using drilling line, for lifting various drilling equipments. Crown Block work when drilling line pulled or degraded by draw work..

Travelling Block :

The block make a movement relevant with crown block, fluctuation moving vertically to lift hook block..
Traveling block represent formation where drilling line is girded, this matter enable traveling block move fluctuately below crownblock and above rig floor.

Drilling Line

Drilling of Line has function to detain of burden suffered by hook when tripping of drill string, installation of casing and fishing operation...
Drilling Line is located between crown block and traveling block controlled by Revolving drum. At drilling operation, drilling line has very important function to ascending - degrading and detaining burden from drill string. So the strength of drilling line is very important factor in order to able to be used at the drilling operation.


Elevators has function hold drill pipe or drill collar joint by joint, so that can be entered or released from drill hole.

Hook has function to suspend swivel and drill pipe (drill string) during drilling operation.
Hook is located beneath the traveling block

Link has function as link between hook and elevator.

Continue Rotating system....

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